Humans: Who Are They?


Leo is a desperate man with a singular goal: To be reunited with his beloved family. On the run and hunted by mysterious forces, Leo has little to lose – and it shows. His tough exterior masks a dry intellect and humour, and a deep soft spot for his Synth companion Max.
  • Wide-eyed, curious, and above all, loyal, Max is a Synth that behaves a little differently to all his millions of unthinking brothers and sisters in operation around the world. Who made him this way, and why? Max wants to know things – or at least, it appears he does. He also seems devoted to Leo, fulfilling multiple roles for him – sidekick, confidant, little brother, protector and conscience. He sees no bad in anyone or anything, approaching everyone and everything with the trusting optimism of a child. Who would program a Synthetic to display these characteristics? Spend some time with Max and you’d start to get the feeling he was good – maybe even a better person than most people. Except, he’s not a person at all.

  • humans-max-jeremaiah-700

(Leo: Colin Morgan; Max: Ivanno Jeremiah)


4 comments on “Humans: Who Are They?

  1. Well, that’s a neat link…thanks! It was interesting to read the mini-bios. I haven’t seen Leo’s “humour” yet, but maybe we will. 🙂


  2. Did you watch the video extras? There’s 3 specific ones, asking the cast questions. They’re quite neat. 🙂


    • Just found it this morning before I left for work so didn’t spend the time I would have liked. Will go back this evening. (Wish I could stay home all day … there is so much good stuff! *sigh)

      I want to feature a few others, too. The Policeman, and the Scientist. I think he will answer the question about, “our father designed me” …


    • Yes, I’m spoiled, I know. 🙂

      It is going to be interesting to see how the characters develop and relate to each other.


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