Humans: Who Are They? (4)

Detective Inspector Karen Voss        humans-karen-bradley-700x1000

A natural detective, dedicated to the job at the expense of all else – relationships, friends and family. She’s a loner, but not a dark and brooding one. She’s upbeat, enjoys the work and is always ready with a sardonic grin and a joke. She and Pete work well together and have grown close (she delights in teasing her grumpy partner), but they differ crucially on the “Synth question.” Karen’s a pragmatist, philosophical about the effects Synthetics are having on society. For her, it’s not about loving or hating them; it’s a simple matter of adapting. After all, they’re not going anywhere. The burn scar on her neck suggests a painful past Pete is too discreet to enquire about. But maybe the real reason Karen is more accepting of Synthetics is because they don’t – can’t – hurt people…


Detective Sergeant Pete Drummond

A gifted but deeply unambitious cop, Pete transferred to the Special Technologies Task Force (the small police unit that deals with the tiny amount of Synth-related crime) for a quiet life, saner hours and to spend some time on his marriage. He thought he’d left the sordid world of human crime behind, but instead he found himself on the weird fringes of a changing society – witnessing first-hand the darkest aspects of how Synths are transforming our lives for the worse, in his eyes at least. He’s grown angry, bitter and cynical – convinced that the Synthetics he polices will be our downfall, twisting our relationships and poisoning our ability to communicate. It doesn’t help he has one at home helping his wife Jill recuperate from a car accident. And he’s starting to think Jill likes her “Simon” more than him…
(Detective Inspector Karen Voss: Ruth Bradley )  
(Detective Sergeant Pete Drummond: Neil Maskell)

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