Humans: Who Are They? (6)


Sophie is immediately taken by the pretty Anita and loves to play with her.  Anita always has time to read her a story, unlike her busy mother. Her youthful innocence, however, is a barrier to understanding the differences (or lack thereof) between human and robot. She becomes deeply attached to Anita and feels she is a part of their family.
Toby is a boy on the brink of becoming a man – with all the discovery and confusion of adolescence in front of him. Torn between boyhood and the desire to be treated as an adult, the minute beautiful Synth Anita is introduced to the household Toby learns the meaning of “love at first sight.”
humans-cast-mattie-carless-800Smart, sassy and sardonic, rebellious Mattie is part of a generation who suspect Synths will render them irrelevant. What’s the point in studying hard when Synths can do everything so easily? Though Mattie’s exterior is sharp and cynical, it is merely a façade to what is actually a vulnerable and sensitive teenager whose increasingly troubled relationship with Laura has left her yearning to connect.
(Sophie: Pixie Davies; Toby: Theo Stevenson)
(Mattie: Lucy Carless)

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