Humans: Who Are They: (7)


humans-cast-anita-hawkins-800Anita is a beautiful Synthetic, purchased by the Hawkins family to help around the house. Most of the time, Anita is the pliant, servile automaton that all Synths are supposed to be – but every so often she does something inexplicable. Is there something more to Anita than the android she appears to be?

A double image … so interesting … could there be more than two meanings?

Laura Hawkins is a woman who seems to have it all – smart, funny, with a great career as a lawyer, a loving husband and children. But inside she is struggling with a secret not even her family is aware of. Will the arrival of Anita in her house force her to come clean – or tear her family apart forever?
humans-cast-joe-hawkins-700Joe Hawkins is a family man who loves his wife and is a good father.  He’s funny, relaxed, loving, and treats his kids as equals. He’s less adept, however, at dealing with the deeper emotional issues his family faces. In a misguided and hapless attempt to “fix” the family’s problems he buys Anita, not realizing that she is about to worsen the situation she was designed to alleviate.
Is it by design that Joe looks a little bewildered ?  He has tried to do such a good thing, after all.
(Anita: Gemma Chan; Joe: Tom Goodman-Hill; Laura: Katherine Parkinson)

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