Humans … Series 2 ?

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Gemma Chan has revealed that Channel 4’s new sci-fi drama Humans may continue beyond its initial run of episodes.  Chan told Den of Geek: “There are definitely still areas to be explored for a second series.”  She added: “It’s not completely tied up at the end.”

If the initial episodes had not proven to be so exceptional, one might think it is a little early to be contemplating a second season/series.  In this case, there is little doubt that we can anticipate more to come !  And we are very willing to wait.


5 comments on “Humans … Series 2 ?

  1. Twosocks says:

    I believe I saw where Humans was Chanel 4’s highest rated debut in quite a while. So, hopefully, they will jump right on it for another series. And we will be willing to wait–not always patiently–but we will wait!


    • I think that article said the biggest drama hit in 20 years! Wow !!


      • Twosocks says:

        You have to wonder what the last one was. Any idea how Chanel 4 fits into Brit TV? I have been watching Time Team episodes on YouTube and they were broadcast on Chanel 4. They have the usual end where they tell you what’s coming up–and, usually, the Chanel 4 news.


  2. Channel 4 is a British public-service television broadcaster The station is owned and operated by Channel Four Television Corporation, a public body established in 1990. In March of 2010, Channel 4 became an entirely UK-wide TV channel for the first time. It joined BBC1, BBC2, and ITV as Britain’s 4th television service.


  3. Twosocks says:

    Thanks, Suntse. Guess I could have googled it. Looks like a bit of a newcomer. So used to seeing BBC on UK broadcasts.


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