“On the first day of filming …”

Leo & MiaExcerpts from, “Caching up with Humans”, SciFiAndTvTalk:

Stepping into a new job is always a daunting prospect, but from day one, Morgan knew he had made the right choice in taking on this role.

“When you’re working on a new character and a new show, everyone is starting from scratch and trying to find their footing,” says Morgan. “On the first day of filming for Humans, we were shooting on-location in the middle of a field. Again, we were all embarking on this new project and story that we envisioned in our minds, but it’s only when you’re there and standing in front of the camera that you think, ‘Wow, we’re actually doing this.’ As we arrived in that field, there was a full-blown rainbow. I’d seen a half-rainbow before, but never a full-length one that, in this case, stretched from one end of the field to the other. It was the perfect start to this first day of filming and I thought, ‘Hopefully that’s a good omen for the show.’

“I’m an actor who likes variety, and I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to play vastly different characters in different eras. I really relish that, and getting to immerse myself in different worlds. So it has been quite a year for me so far, going from World War 1, to 1960’s London, to a parallel present day in Humans, and if I can keep jumping around like that, I’ll be quite happy, indeed.”

And so will we, Mr. Morgan, so will we !  🙂


2 comments on ““On the first day of filming …”

  1. I found that to be a refreshingly different article about Colin and the show. As much as I’ll read and absorb anything he has to say, the reviews and other stories recently were starting to get repetitive.

    I quite like his account of that first day. 🙂

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  2. Twosocks says:

    I loved the little story about the rainbow. Even on what must have been a somewhat nerve wracking day, he took time to really look at the world around him. It amazed me when we visited Mt. Vernon the line of young people sitting on the veranda with that magnificent view who were staring at their phones! Probably one more reason why we find ourselves drawn to this talented young man.


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