Waiting …


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While we are waiting anxiously for Sunday, June 28, our US airing of the first episode of “Humans”, Colin is in France working on “Waiting for You”.  The wonderful scruff is gone (for now).

During the story, his character, Paul, drives through France in his beat-up car searching for the large, shabby house depicted on an ancient postcard.  After his father’s funeral, the postcard surfaced in his father’s house while his mother was clearing up.

On the back, sinister words …  “Come here again, and I’ll kill you.”


13 comments on “Waiting …

  1. I’m so excited about Sunday … can hardly contain myself ! A couple of friends from the neighborhood and one from work … introducing them all to Mr. Colin Morgan. Of course, they won’t love him from this small beginning the way we do who have been his admirers for such a long time over so many wonderful performances. So, we must be patient and accept that it may take awhile. However, I’m convinced that by the end of this series, he will have embedded himself in their list of favorite actors, at the very least! ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. I’m curious to hear your thoughts, Suntse, on tonight’s first episode on AMC, having already seen it online.


  3. ok … just waking up … 6:30 here.
    Where to start? I did not watch ep3 last night. It’s nice to hear about the smile though.

    For me, after giving in and seeing so many clips of ep1, I decided not to follow it ahead, and will watch it as it unfolds here. The clips will be fun to go back to, once the season is finished. I’m glad to have gotten an early start, but have decided to slow down and take it slow. Will not be seeing any more clips of the upcoming episodes. Can’t explain it exactly, but it took some of the wonder away, some of the discovery .. and that is not to do with following the plot of the story, but understanding and savoring the performance.

    I really enjoyed it and seeing it on my tv, which is not huge, but much larger than my laptop screen. Also, the quality of the picture was wonderful. Of course, I loved it. Three stories, each containing even more stories within, all intertwined, means overlapping … a nice challenge for the audience. It’s easy to miss the small stuff, so the dvd’s will be well-worn, I’m sure.

    Anita’s cradling of the laundry, as though it was an infant … fascinating! I wonder if the moon isn’t a special memory of a time with Leo … which they COULD NOT erase ? So, perhaps all is not lost for the lovers … a happy, anticipatory thought, going forward.

    What did you think? Anything particular stand out for you?


  4. Good morning! My computer was unavailable last night so I had to work off my phone, which I’m not used to! (teeny tiny screen) so I didn’t realize until after that I had commented in both places. I’m going to go to “spoilers” to continue this. 🙂


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