Humans: An Interview with Gemma Chan


An excerpt from a very long and interesting interview with Gemma Chan by Starry Constellation Magazine.

Q) Kind of your like your past life what we saw and her relationship with Colin Morgan, is that going to be explored more in the series and also what was it like to work with him as well?

A) Yes. Well, the relationship between Leo and Anita is definitely something that you will find out more about as you find about Anita’s history over the course of the show. Again, it’s hard to go into specifics about going into spoiler territory. I would say that he has, what can I say without spoiling – the bond she has with him is something that drives both him and her throughout the course of the show and also, it’s not necessarily, I know that certain people have a bond, but things aren’t necessarily – it’s not necessarily the bond that people – it might not be predictable in terms of what the nature of their relationship is all out, I’ll say and in terms of working with Colin, Colin is a wonderful actor and I was a huge fan of his before, working with him and I would just say that I love every minute of working with him, he’s so dedicated to the work and to giving the best performance that I feel that you yourself or I myself have to up my game whenever I had a scene with him and yes, it was – I can’t really say anything, and I guess it’s about that. I loved it and I, yes I would happily do many, many more scenes with him.


One comment on “Humans: An Interview with Gemma Chan

  1. Twosocks says:

    A good interview. A bit rambling, but covered as much as Genna Chan could say at this point. I hope they do this kind of thing later in the series, too, so the actors don’t have to hold back quite so much. It does deepen the mystery. As you said, Suntse, how can a reviewer think they know where this story is going after only one episode?

    The mention of Battlestar Galactica: one summer when I still had direcTv, the scyfy channel went back and ran it. It is an amazing show, but I found I had to stop watching it because I was starting to have really unusual dreams which never happens to me.

    One other thing I find myself really liking about Humans is no real CGI. I assume the view of London was a mat painting, but everything else seems to be done on camera.


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