The Laughing King … 1st Peek

Thank you, Leahluna55.  ❤

He is going to break our hearts … again.


7 comments on “The Laughing King … 1st Peek

  1. leahluna55 says:

    Beautiful music! A poetic image that reminds me of Alfonsina Storni an Argentinian poet (one of my favorites) who committed suicide just like that, in the sea. There’s a beautiful song called Alfonsina y el Mar (Alfonsina and the Sea) that tells this story.
    Again we will feel a strange mixture of sorrow and joy at the same time…sadness for the character and the joy of the good performance…Only Colin does that! ❤

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    • Twosocks says:

      I thought the music was beautiful, too. Plus I felt like I’m really going to lose it if they use a sea gull ala the beginning of Parked. And one more time where Colin doesn’t have to say a word.

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  2. Dear Leah,
    This is lovely, thank you for sending it. The musical score is beautiful, haunting, and evokes tender feelings. Again, there is the beauty of the absence of words. ❤

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  3. leahluna55 says:

    Thank you, Suntse for posting it! I can’t stop watching it. And yes! the beauty of the absence of words…sorrow and joy…a beautiful place…seagulls…the music…a good cause…and Colin! ❤ ❤
    Patience again, until October 2015.
    Joan, I could imagine the sound of the seagulls while the music is sounding. I love seagulls too. We have lots of them here in DR.


    • Twosocks says:

      Surprisingly, we have them, too, especially in winter. The locks and dams on the rivers keep the water open, so I guess they come down from the north. Ah, patience! I guess we will have to learn it whether we want to or not. And it is hard Not to watch that trailer over and over–so beautiful and so sad.

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  4. Megan Gerrett says:

    When does this come out it’s november already!

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