Heroes …


The ugly side of ‘humanity’ … Violence against the innocent.

Unrestrained, undisciplined, drunken fools who would take an inert ‘dolly’ and visit what they would call their pleasure upon her.  “She’s just a machine.”  We know these guys are probably irredeemable, but if no one speaks up, what does that say about us, the bystander?

A Smash Club?  Well in Fight Club, which I did not like either, at least the opponent was able to fight back.  In this scenario it is nothing more than hateful, aggressive outpouring of misdirected violent emotion.  Synths have taken many of the unskilled jobs, and displaced workers are angry.  However, the human, who should be capable of reason, has the option to find a better solution.  Even the professor, an educated man, says, “That’s what they (Smash Clubs) are for, aren’t they??”

But we have Heroes:  Mattie challenges the drunks and stands up for the Synth at the party.  (After her encounter with Anita, she may not be so sure a Synth is unfeeling.)  Niska takes another route and retaliates against the mob in the Smash club.  Now, this is violence, too.  However, she is attempting a rescue of her own kind.  Is that what the mob was doing also, attempting a perceived rescue of their own kind?  Where does the cycle start? … Where does the cycle end?

If there is war in this series, I believe it will not be the kind of war we are led to expect.  If there is a resolution, I expect it to be creative and very interesting.


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