Odi … Will he be found?

Will Tudor is quite wonderful as Odi … we have fallen a bit in love with him.


Right now he is alone.  And George is very worried.  Odi has been a cherished companion over many years.  George cannot disregard him and accept another just because it is ‘newer’*.  Odi’s sweetness speaks to us, his innocence deserves protection.  We worry who will find him and for what purpose.

Of course he will be found … but by whom? … Leo and Max? …  Hobb? …  Drummond? … or someone else, completely unexpected?

(*…because it is newer? …  We do that all the time don’t we … the newer model, the faster model, the sleeker model, and he is only a machine, right?  Or is he?)


4 comments on “Odi … Will he be found?

  1. Poor Odi. He’s like a lost soul, whose only real purpose now is to keep George’s memories alive, but even he is failing at that. I also wonder what will happen to him.


  2. leahluna55 says:

    Three moments with Odi, three different feelings:
    When Dr. Millican kissed his head after trying to “recycle him”, with a hammer and couldn’t…Uao! tenderness and kindness I felt in my heart.
    When Dr. Millican left Vera locked in the room and went for Odi, in the moment he removed the sheet from his face, Odi looked at him and said “George, you found me!”, OMG, those big blue eyes reflected the innocence and joy of a child playing hide and seek…I wanted to cuddle him. And this last moment shown in the picture, Odi in the woods…felt “his” loneliness…
    Fell in love with Odi, the sweetest character in the show!!! Such a good actor Will Tudor is!
    Suntse, thanks for this post, Odi/Will deserves to be recognized.

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  3. leahluna55 says:

    ❤ for Odi ❤


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