She’s Lost to Me … “She’s not in there.”


Leo in pain.2

He makes us ache for him. 😦 So, why do we love it so? And go back to it, time and again ? Unanswerable questions. He is one of a kind, our Colin.


18 comments on “She’s Lost to Me … “She’s not in there.”

  1. To capture it well, this really needs to be a gif. It’s so hard to catch “a moment” with Colin; he is so natural and immediate.


  2. The YT videos are now up, and I was just reviewing them. There was a comment that I found interesting. Leo says that they just “…need to find her and bring her back up to the surface.” Max replies, “Like at the lake.”

    More intrigue. Add that to Leo’s dream in one of the later scenes.

    I’ll try to get a gif for you, Suntse.

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    • Oh, my heavens, how did I miss that ?? I guess the car accident was at a lake, then … perhaps Leo saved her by bringing her back up to the surface, and died as a result of his efforts? But I bet, upon hearing that, we would all conjure up The Lady of the Lake. ❤ yes!


  3. This scene … The anguish I felt watching Leo go through this was almost too much to bear. I hurt with him … I had to get up and walk away for a moment. He can destroy me.


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