Maxie in Prayer

Innocence and a deeply felt kindness shine in his portrayal of Maxie.  Ivanno Jeremiah is a wonder!


7 comments on “Maxie in Prayer

  1. Ann says:

    He is so good in this role,

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  2. leahluna55 says:

    He touched my heart! < 3
    It was so real that I couldn't stop my tears. Great acting! Great moment! Great writing! 🙂
    I hope he will come back as Odi did.

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  3. Twosocks says:

    If there is a clip of this out there, please let me know. I did find a very short teaser for a play called The Suit and Ivanno is in the cast. Very short and just a glimpse. Like you, I would really like to see more of his work. I ran across a podcast with reviews of Humans. The reviewer had obviously watched a number of other AMC shows. He actually put it above The Walking Dead, which I have no intention of ever watching, but I know was a big hit. I didn’t listen to a lot of it. The guy rambles a lot (I wish these people would learn some editing skills), and he can’t seem to pronounce synth correctly. I am not going to believe that Maxi doesn’t come back! (There is a truism that no one really dies in soaps or scifi. I’m holding on to that!).

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    • I took the screen shot myself. But I don’t know how to capture whole clips. It would be well worth trying to learn, though. Perhaps Shawn can help me. The dialogue was wonderful, and his delivery made it beautifully memorable.

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      • Twosocks says:

        One of the drawbacks of being a little behind, but makes the anticipation even better. Decided to look into Ivanno’s other work a bit further. One of the things I found was that he is the narrator for a audiobook called ‘One Day I Will Write About This Place.’ The author is Kenyan and the book won several awards. Listened to the preview. What can I say–just fantastic! He has such a wonderful voice. I am definitely downloading this one.

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  4. leahluna55 says:

    Agree! he has a beautiful voice and Fred also.


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