“I am, nice!”

We are enjoying Emily Berrington’s portrayal of Niska.  In this recent interview she comments on the challenges of the role, as well as  the value of working with such a dedicated actor as Colin Morgan.


“As for Colin Morgan, it was great working with him. I’d heard from so many others that he’s a fantastic actor as well as a very nice person, both of which turned out to true. Colin works incredibly hard, and before we filmed a scene, he would kind of physically get into character and run through bits of dialogue and material leading up to the scene. Some actors just want to chat about the weather before the director shouts, ‘Action,’ so I found it very useful to spend time beforehand really getting into the moment and thinking about what we were about to do. Because I was playing such a complex character, I couldn’t allow myself to be distracted before a take, and Colin is extremely thorough with his performance and dedicated to the scene. He doesn’t let anything go until he’s happy with what’s happened, so that was a wonderful way to work, and, again, on top of that, Colin is such a nice guy.”

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One comment on ““I am, nice!”

  1. leahluna55 says:

    Emily Berrington has delivered an excellent performance, I like “Niska” very much!
    I feel happy and proud when I read comments from Colin’s coworkers that reaffirm his dedication to his career and what a good person he is. That combination plus his humble heart and kindness make him a very positive influence on others. I remember that Katie (Morgana) made a similar comment about working with Colin in Merlin.


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