Reflection … Reprise

Back in March, bbcdiscovery posted an entry titled, Reflection.  Never more true than in the final scenes of E7.


Perhaps I should not have said, “it’s not his looks that hold me captive” … because it is Colin’s face where the reflection of his emotion resides.  It resides there in such a way that we cannot help but be drawn to it and find ourselves mirroring the same emotions, living the same reactions, helpless to divorce ourselves from his struggles or sorrow.  This essence of his that is so hard to describe.


It was heartening to finally read a reviewer who sees this quality in Colin and simply says it with no reservations:

The horror and confusion that Colin Morgan puts his lovely face through is terrific; a contorting diagram of muscles revealing about eight different emotions at once.

(cultbox review of E7)


One comment on “Reflection … Reprise

  1. Just overall LOVED this review. (can’t say that of many!) Written by Rob Smedley of Cultbox, an obviously insightful man who deserves our attention.

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