From dara

Colin Morgan is the most amazing actor I have ever seen. And Yes He is a real Standout in “Humans”. His acting is outstanding and incredibly poignant. He stole the show in Episodes 5, 6 & especially 7. He is a pure talent who gives real meanings to the words “acting”, “dedication”, “performance” and “art”.



2 comments on “From dara

  1. Twosocks says:

    I have just found myself mesmerized looking at gifs of the scene on the couch. As Jen said, he makes himself look so small. And then when Mattie brings him the soup, he even gives meaning to the little act of eating soup! He never misses a moment or has any kind of just a throw away action. Everything means something. I’m not a much of a movie goer and not up on all the current shows, but I have watched my share of stuff over the years, and I have to agree that I have never seen an actor quite like Colin. It is no wonder he has drawn all of us in!

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  2. Thank you, dara! I have longed to see this reaction more frequently from others, and you said it so well

    I have been expounding on Colin’s talent since 2008 in every avenue I can think of: Have added reviews to Amazon.US, and even Amazon.UK. Have tried to articulate why he is so much more than a good looking lad on message boards and YouTube comments. Sometimes it has been exasperating that the main reaction I see is focused on his physical beauty. Having followed him, his comments and interviews over many years, I feel it safe to say, that while he appreciates his fans’ attention, he is quite uncomfortable with that kind of attention. For Colin, it is all about the work, all about his Art.

    May there be many more like you who acknowledge his dedication and accomplishment in stretching the art he loves into every avenue of human understanding. He gives so much of himself, is so much more than his accidental beauty, and has a rare insight into our fears and our sorrows, as well as our joys.

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