Let’s have some fun !!


Put your Cinema Hats on and give us your best guess!  WHERE WILL THE WRITERS LEAVE OUR FAVORITE CHARACTERS AT THE FINALE OF SEASON ONE ???  We know the plans are set for the second season … so, tell us what you think will be the cliff-hanger to keep us nail-biting until next summer?

Just visit the “Spoilers Herein” thread and make your comment.  Many of you are already visiting there.  It would be great to get your thoughts on this question.  Or, you can do it in the comment section of this post if you prefer.

No prizes being awarded … just some smug satisfaction, and perhaps a round of applause, if you get close.

Smiles, everyone.  Suntse

(hover over the titles on the menu bar to find Spoilers Herein)


2 comments on “Let’s have some fun !!

  1. We are waiting … don’t be shy! 🙂 😀 😉


  2. leahluna55 says:

    You’re so sweet, Suntse.
    Thanks! I wrote something already. 🙂


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