LEGEND … coming soon


September 3rd, Leicester Square, UK Premiere for LEGEND, the movie.  Release date for UK audiences: September 9th.

September 10-20, 2015.  Toronto International Film Festival, will see the official release of LEGEND for Canadian audiences.

October 2nd for the US, again Limited Release.  No announcement yet for South America.  😦

This should be an interesting outing for Colin … another completely different character in his CV.  Being about gangsters, I imagine American audiences will be interested, even though it is about London and not Chicago or New York.  Many people here are currently watching “The Making of the Mob: New York”, a TV mini-series, which could ignite an interest in this film.  So perhaps theatres will be quicker to put it on their marques than they were with Testament.

P.S. Taron Egerton appears again, a delightful young actor who charmed us, as Edward, in Testament of Youth.


2 comments on “LEGEND … coming soon

  1. Well, having still not seen ToY as it hasn’t been released in any more than 2 cities here yet, maybe with a higher profile release in Canada (Toronto Film Festival is big), I’ll actually get to see this one!

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