An Empathic Actor

Colin.Merlin.1   cathal in pain   tumblr_ns4djodYwf1s6isu4o1_r1_250..

Colin is often referred to as a ‘method’ actor: a term which falls far short of explaining his natural, intrinsic ability. Method acting is based on the actor recalling their own experiences in order to portray reactions or emotion, even if they have to artificially create the experience themselves … a series of training exercises were developed to prepare the actor for their performance.

Colin had an innate understanding of deep emotion from a very early age. It is interesting that a young man just out of school, who had led a seemingly very happy family life, could already bring up such depth of anguish, sorrow, and pain.  This ability has grown and expanded during the years, and he is becoming a master at portraying the deep, dark, and difficult.

We think of Colin as an Empathic actor, and we think Colin is a highly empathetic human being, as well. Colin has the capacity to grasp and assimilate what his character is experiencing. He comprehends the feelings, problems, and views of others; therefore, he can and does literally ‘put himself there’.  Colin, as far as we know, had not yet experienced the loss of someone deeply loved by him.  Yet, with intuition, compassion, and understanding, he was able to impart the anguish of deep personal loss. Both Freya and his father tore at his heart and ours as well.  His research and study, his interest in the character’s back story even if it is not part of the script, these are internalized and brought to bear in his heartfelt and haunting portrayal(s).


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