Colin’s Gallery of Lost Souls

from Colin:

“The last two projects after Humans got even darker, but it’s good. It’s an aspect of life that I guess I’m really interested in. I’m just fortunate that I’m able to explore that and find pathways through all of these lost souls.”  .  (Colin Morgan)  

 As we look back over Colin’s choices, it is clear he finds a sensitive connection to these roles … bringing these people out into the light, and giving us a chance to find understanding where none may have existed before.


Vernon: an unsympathetic, sarcastic teen-ager who ends the play with a greater understanding of the meaning of life.

Esteban: the victim of an early death, his apparition appears from time to time throughout the play to comfort his mother.            AAMM.4


Jimmy Rosario: a young man strung out on drugs who is filled with a weird inexplicable charm and courage, and who, by the end of the play, shows that he is the wisest of the four central characters.           APD.4

Merlin: A young sorcerer whose natural gift could easily cause his execution. Hiding his talent always, while trying to help those he cares for, showing us all along the way the heartbreak that his subterfuge is costing him.

Lady Lake.5     Merlin's distress

Cathal: a young drug addict living out of his car, unable to overcome the habit that is destroying him while still giving hope and some sense of the joy of life to his homeless, elderly, car-park neighbor.  cathal-fred-1

Calum: isolated from a normal growing up, having insulated himself in the lore of the island, he finds his first encounter with this young woman disturbing and confusing.



Carlos: a gay, unhappy, self-described “bipolar compulsive fantasist,” starts to convince himself that his father violated him as a child. opl.1.1


Ariel: even though a fairy sprite , and at last being granted the freedom he had longed for, realizes he would miss the master he had come to love.


Skinny Luke: a young man crying out to be included, to be part of the ‘gang’.  Curtain Call.1

Victor: who remains a good and devoted friend, even though his love for Vera is not returned. Victor.10 (2)


Leo: a re-built human  …    whose memories of a dark past                                                              cannot be forgotten.

“The Laughing King”, a 10 minute film being released soon to help raise awareness about depression and mental illness, particularly in men, is testament again to his continuing concern for the internal suffering all around us.


Nathan:  A man of science consumed by grief as he enters a life-altering downward spiral.



...  Most of the characters I’m drawn to, as an actor, are ones that are quite intensely lonely and a bit lost and are looking for some kind of redemptive answer. The long days of shooting occupy my headspace and it is challenging, but it’s part and parcel to the commitment of that kind of role.

(Colin Morgan, Collider interview here)


3 comments on “Colin’s Gallery of Lost Souls

  1. constantasoare reblogged this from colinmorganismagical and added:

    Insightful article by suntse
    Really interesting point drawn here. Indeed Colin seems to be into playing these kind of roles, which is the more difficult and also raising our awareness towards people that suffer around us, people who we rarely care about or understand, or maybe just some of us are like that, seeing such roles played by Colin, makes it feel less lonely, or awkward. Thanks for opening our eyes towards such situations of internal suffering…..

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    • AwenFound says:

      I don’t know if this has come up before, but I selfishly hope that Colin occasionally returns to comedy. His comic timing is amazing and, from what I have seen in Merlin, it equals his more dramatic roles/scenes.


  2. […] is very much a man who has suffered and been through a lot. He is adamant that he is going to solve his problems, be that through […]


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