High Praise …


Colin Morgan puts in an attractive performance in every way as a jittery, wounded soul, chained by a life of cables and wires – Cultbox

* Morgan’s performance here was silently saddening; a wholly controlled and intimate study of sorrow which blossomed in private and slight moments. A tender breakdown when catching sight of childhood relics, sharply arched body language as he fails to feel secure in unfamiliar territories – truly excellent stuff. – Filmoria

Colin Morgan’s acting during these scenes was phenomenal, all of his despair and frustration simmering under the surface and visible with just a few tears. – Leo’s reaction to Karen is by and large the most well-acted scene in this entire series. He is both an adult recognizing a threat and a child being confronted with his long-dead mother. – The Geekiary

Leo’s (Colin Morgan) horrified, powerless reaction provides the actor his best moment of the series. – Framerated

The scene is saved by Colin Morgan, delivering a series-best performance as Leo shares a bittersweet conversation in captivity with a distant Karen. – Digital Spy


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