Latest Notice on The Rising

easter rising poster

Artist: Patrick Harnett, Limerick City, Ireland

Earlier today at Heathrow Airport, producer Kevin McCann had a lunch meeting with Scottish actor David O’Hara who will play James Connolly in the upcoming movie ‘The Rising’.

There will be further announcements on key cast very soon!


Note on casting for ‘The Rising’:
We are thankful to all those who have contacted us in relation to auditions for ‘The Rising’. Please excuse us for not replying directly to you. We will soon have our first casting call. Auditions will be held in Ireland for speaking and non-speaking roles. These will be open to experienced actors and also those with no previous screen experience.

Please comment and share with us what actors you think should star in ‘The Rising’? _____________________________________

** Notes on Limerick City, home of the Artist named above: 

Limerick was chosen as the country’s first-ever Irish City of Culture in 2014 (a designation to be awarded to an Irish city for 12 months every two years), with a packed program of arts, cultural and sporting events. It also has an intriguing, newly renovated castle, a lively art museum and contemporary cafe culture, to go with its uncompromised pubs, as well as locals who go out of their way to welcome you.

The city is compact enough to get around on foot or by bike. To walk across town from St Mary’s Cathedral to the train station takes about 15 minutes.


3 comments on “Latest Notice on The Rising

  1. Twosocks says:

    Looks like things are progressing. After rewatching Quirke and The Fall, I wouldn’t mind seeing Aesling Franciosa in some sort of role. I thought she was excellent in both, and very different performances. The wives of many in the 1916 Rising were also involved, including Katherine Clarke who lost both a husband and a brother. Hopefully this will be an opportunity to see both a great movie and some wonderful actors.

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  2. leahluna55 says:

    I saw Laura Donnelly in Outlanders and I was really impressed with her acting skills. In Outlanders her character was a strong woman defending her land and principles, nothing like in Merlin or the Fall. I think she should be part of the cast.

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  3. leahluna55 says:

    Beautiful Painting!


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