Colin’s Gallary of Lost Souls …. links back

cathal.2 (2)As of last night, we have added links to most of the characters featured in the CG of LS post.  Click on the name, and the link will take you to an earlier, more complete post regarding the character, including some reviews. There are three which have not yet been covered, Carlos, Ariel, and Skinny Luke.  These are in the drafts folder waiting for Colin to find a resting point, at which time we will return to building his history, which was the project being worked on when his activity took quick steps forward.

If you are interested in Colin’s history, you might want to visit “The Stage”, and “Time Travel”.  Both subjects are in the Topics listing on the side bar.


5 comments on “Colin’s Gallary of Lost Souls …. links back

  1. That resting point might be a while down the road. 🙂

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  2. Twosocks says:

    Agree, agree! 😊 If TLATD does anywhere near as well as Humans and The Fall, Colin will be concurrently appearing (in major roles) in three very successful shows. And then there’s the movies!

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