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 Will he be portrayed as dangerous?coolcathaloreaganfan: Colin Morgan as Frankie Shea, legend. In cinemas Septbember 9th.

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  1. Looking forward to the UK premiere tomorrow. Perhaps the interviews with Colin will provide us a better glimpse into Frankie’s role in the film.

    Because of the subject matter, I wasn’t sure I wanted to see this one, but now have become very curious about it. The tenderness of Frankie toward Frances depicted in the picture of them on the church steps before the wedding indicates there may be more. We will have to rely on our UK friends and YouTube to give us a look. This month-long wait seems more ridiculous all the time! 😦

    And while we are waiting here, Leah has an even longer wait. 😦 😦

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    • Colin not attending the premiere isn’t really a surprise. The spotlight is for Tom Hardy and the majors, as it should be. Colin is always willing to take his place on the sidelines. Attending the party to celebrate with his cast-mates is a sincere acknowledgment of interest in the success of the film. Always gracious and thoughtful.

      We may yet see some interviews about his part in the story.


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