Frankie Shea & Frances

Frankie and Frances Shea.1Given that there is usually some kind of backstory to Colin’s characters, we have been wondering about Frankie Shea.  There seems to be little available about him.  It may be that the biography written by John Pearson contains more, but we are not inclined to read it at this point.

So, we will do what we dislike doing, which is to find scattered facts and opinions to see if they lead to any ideas. However, the statements being made are often contradictory and have more to do with Frances’ relationship with Reggie than her relationship with her brother.  We can assume he was protective of her being his little sister, and yet it was he who introduced her to Reggie, when she was just 16.  They were wed six years later when she was 22.  After two years of struggling with the marriage, Frances moved in with her brother Frankie.

“She was staying with her brother Frankie Shea because her nerves were bad. They were told to keep an eye on her and don’t let any tablets near her. “But Frankie was out with his family when Frances found tablets in her sister-in-law’s bag and took them. Ronnie and Reggie were nowhere near.”

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That morning of June 7, he took his sister a cup of tea, as he usually did, carefully placing it on the bedside table. She seemed to be still sleeping peacefully, so he went out to work. Yet something, he couldn’t quite explain what, sent him back to check on his sister around lunchtime. She was just as he’d left her earlier. The tea was stone cold.

Maybe it was an accident, and she took one pill too many? She couldn’t have planned it, many argued. They were looking forward to going away, weren’t they? These were false hopes. Frances had been merely biding her time, pretending to Reg about the holding, knowing full well she’d never be going anywhere with him again.

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Our Thoughts:  Did Frankie feel in any way responsible for the aftermath of that introduction?  If there is mention of how her death affected him, there is no mention in these articles.  If her death had any impact on his relationship with the twins, we don’t know it.  There is no mention of the depth of his involvement with The Firm’s illegal activities. There is also no mention of his own death.  These are the aspects in which Colin’s ability to portray emotion would enter the story.

We have said we think this part of the story is peripheral, given that the promotions focus on the twins’ story. But Frances was courted by Reggie and married to him, though briefly. The six years of their courtship is a significant amount of time, so perhaps we will see more of this part of the story than we originally thought. And her brother, Frankie, was a very big part of her life throughout her troubles with Reggie, right until her death in Frankie’s home. I think no matter how much screen time, Colin’s contribution will be a very important one.


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