Interview with Kevin McCann


Leading Irish broadcaster to interview producer of ‘The Rising’.

This Saturday morning, September 5th, the producer of ‘The Rising’ Kevin McCann will be in the RTE Radio Studios, Dublin for a live interview on ‘The Marian Finucane show’. Kevin will reveal the challenges involved in producing the first movie on 1916 Easter Rising and his fundraising efforts in the USA which began in October 2013, walking bar to bar in Manhattan seeking development funding.

Marian Finucane is one of Ireland’s most celebrated and respected broadcasters. Her RTE Radio 1 show is Ireland’s leading weekend radio programme with 373,000 listeners on Saturdays and 337,000 on Sundays.


One comment on “Interview with Kevin McCann

  1. Twosocks says:

    Decided to check out the ‘listen’ button on Miss Finucane’s radio broadcast and it works. Somehow these things seem to surprise me. So looks like we may be able to hear the interview.


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