Thank You colinmorfan !!!

Unbelievably Gorgeous Gif of Colin Morgan with a smile that can light up the world!

 colinmorfan: A nice big gif of a smiling Colin Morgan for my dear merlination, one of the winners of Ruth’s and mine september BOTM. I’m sorry it is such bad quality, but thats the vid :( I wished there was an HD upload of this vid!! Can you imagine this gif in HD?? I can’t… The Smile of Smiles !!!

5 comments on “Thank You colinmorfan !!!

  1. This is from the Lady Magazine shoot, March 2012. The capture by colinmorfan is perfect. It is a treasure ! ❤

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  2. Observation: One would hardly guess that this is the same young man who will, within days of this shoot, begin filming the 5th Season of Merlin.

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  3. leahluna55 says:

    The smile…the eyes when he smiles! This wonderful gif lights up my day.
    A treasure, indeed. Lovely. ❤


  4. Twosocks says:

    Truly, THE best smile!

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  5. From Maritza …
    He gets more handsome with age. His eyes sparkle and smile.

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