The Huntsman

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Apparently a new role for Colin.  Recently cast as The Duke of Blackwood in the forthcoming Universal Pictures film, The Huntsman, scheduled for release in April 2016.

It appears some filming has already been done on this production, which started out as a sequel to the 2012 film Snow White and the Huntsman.  After a few hiccups, it was announced on July 31, 2014, that there would not be a sequel, but a prequel.  Principal photography on the film began on April 6, 2015.  Filming also occurred from May to July 2015, as well as July 2015.

It is not clear what role The Duke of Blackwood has to play in the story, or how they may plan to insert it in the filming that has already been done.  This being a Universal Pictures film it may not, and probably won’t, have the emotional elements we find so engaging in Colin’s performances.  Of course, it is always a treat to watch him, regardless of the role.  And perhaps in Period costuming, as well.

Here is a link to the trailer for the 2012 production, to which this endeavor aspires to be a prequel.  It will give you some idea of the storyline and what to expect from the production.

(Artwork credit to Mahboobe h  This is a particularly beautiful rendition, and we thank the artist for sharing her talent.)


24 comments on “The Huntsman

  1. Ooo…how interesting! Off to Google!

    The movie was pretty good, if you like that kind of thing (which I do). I have a girl-crush on Charlize Theron, so will watch whatever she’s in.


  2. […] Źródło: The Huntsman […]


  3. Twosocks says:

    This did look a bit interesting, and not something I would normally pay much attention to. One of the things I like about Colin’s work is that it’s so varied. Any thoughts on ‘Blackwood?’ Will he play a villain this time? He seems to have slipped this one in under the radar.


  4. My impression from the Trailer: All Sound and Fury. A far cry from the gentle, revealing story of Merlin. As to whether Blackwood is a villain? As I mentioned, his role in the story is not clear at this point. I have googled it a few times and have seen no clues yet. Perhaps one of you can enlighten us.

    Returning to the books, Joan, is Blackwood mentioned? The story that is familiar to me does not include all the characters being mentioned for the film. My search for information has not been all that thorough. (*sadly*)


    • Twosocks says:

      I looked over on Amazon about the book. This is nothing I would have ever read. LOTR is pretty much all the fantasy I’ve done. I read more scifi at one time. I tried Outlander, I really did because several people really loved it. Couldn’t get past even the first chapter. The reviews on this one were very mixed. Mostly, great idea not so great writing. I thought the Blackwood had a bit of a sinister ring to it, kind of like Mirkwood.


      • As you said, Joan, very mixed comments about the 2012 film. As with Legend, can’t say I would feel deprived to miss it in any other circumstance. However, since I am mentally committed to see everything Colin puts his stamp on, I will at the least see clips that feature his performance.

        I am imagining that it would delight Colin to play a fantasy villain! (What fun for him to let his own imagination run free!)

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    • No, this is not your Walt Disney version of Snow White. 🙂 Very dark and CGI-heavy. Like Once Upon A Time, this is another interpretation all together. However, because I’m a fantasy fan, I will watch it.

      I’ve no idea what kind of character the Duke of Blackwood will be (I googled and could find no reference either), and I also wonder if he is villain or hero. I think it would be wonderful for Colin to play a villain! He does like diversity in his roles. 🙂

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  5. leahluna55 says:

    Is this film already done? when? where? Colin is amazing.


    • No, Leah … it is not already done. It is being made as a Prequel, which is the story that leads up to the film that was done in 2012. The trailer in this post is for the 2012 film. This particular film is scheduled for a world-wide release in April 2016.


      • From Wikipedia: … Filming
        The refectory at Waverley Abbey with fake vines and rubble added for use as a film set for The Huntsman

        Principal photography on the film began on April 6, 2015.[17] Filming took place at Waverley Abbey in Surrey, England during April 2015.[18] Filming also occurred from May to July 2015 in Windsor Great Park, England, at locations including South Forest, Johnson’s Pond and in the Deer Park near Snow Hill.[19] Filming’s also done in Wells.[19] In July 2015, filming also took place at Puzzlewood, in the Forest of Dean.[20]


  6. An aside to this: Charlize and Sean Penn were engaged up until recently (they have broken off). Colin has been quoted as saying that Sean Penn is one of his favourite actors. I’m sure that had no bearing on him taking the role whatsoever, but I wonder if that would have been in the back of him mind.


  7. leahluna55 says:

    I saw the first one, it’s a very dark Snow White version. What I asked is if Colin already did his part in the second one. When? between Waiting for You and The Living and The Dead? How does he manage his time? maybe he has Hermione’s clock…jajajaja. 🙂

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    • Leah, as this was just announced, no mention of a filming schedule for Colin has been mentioned yet. We will watch for it. It is possible, I suppose. There was an announcement on July 18th that a big film unit had been filming for two weeks in Puzzlewood. Because The Huntsman is already included in Colin’s CV with United Agents, it may be that his part or a portion of it has already been filmed. Otherwise, I have no further information. Suntse

      P.S. Waiting for You is not yet listed on his CV, even though we know it has finished filming.


    • How does he manage his time??? you ask! Hallelujah!! Who can possibly figure that one out? 😉 🙂
      We started a time-line several months ago and got completely stalled somewhere between 2011 and 2014. Between actually filming one project and beginning the next, which often seem to overlap, not to mention personal appearances and interviews! This otherworldly, magical creature seems to be many places at once. 😉 ❤


  8. Twosocks says:

    Oh, I’ll be in for this one, too. I would have considered reading the book if the reviews were better. And, to be honest, may still consider it. Due to Colin, I read some Terry Prachette and that’s something I never would have done. And I have developed a taste for Irish cop novels. Right now working on The Dublin Murder Squad series. Read the first Quirke and may go back and pick up the rest. I’m okay with Colin introducing me to new things, so who knows? I kind of like the idea of his playing a villain, too!


    • Yes, remember what fun he had scaring everyone, especially Gwen/Angel with his old man prosthesis for Dragoon? And perhaps he will surprise us with an unpredictable villain. ??? Must admit, the idea is growing on me.

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      • leahluna55 says:

        That was funny…scaring Angel. Jajajaja!
        When I see Colin doing many things at the same time it looks like he’s created a day of 36 hours instead of 24 hrs. I wish I could.
        Colin, a villain? he would be great. I hope the Duke is a villain.
        As you said Suntse, Colin is a magical creature. 🙂

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  9. daisynewland reblogged this from suntse and added:

    Yes. It’s nice to know he can take acting jobs without any of his fans knowledge and having things plastered all over twitter, or asking other actors who are working with him bloody stupid questions all the time like how wonderful is it working with our cute pixie.

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  10. downundermagic reblogged this from suntse and added:

    It is good to know he can do something without his followings knowledge … must have borrowed Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak and the rest of the cast have not whispered a word … the cast are in DETENTION with Professor Umbridge!

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    • You should know that I am not interested in growing or promoting this site. My subject appeals to me and a relatively small audience. These are viewers who mostly have the same passion for my subject as I do, and I am happy that it is small.

      This site is done in my own style. It started as a way for me to archive my opinions and thoughts about a person I admire. Those who share this interest are encouraged to comment and interact with their own voice. Keeping those contacts is the limit of my ambition for this creative place


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