“LEGEND” … Coming Soon


Coming out of Century Theatre restroom yesterday afternoon … full sized poster in prominent display on coming attractions wall.   As easily predicted, major chains will bring this UK film to US audiences.  (Gangsters … no risk for them there!)  Not yet in the Previews grouping, that is expected in early November.  The film will probably air shortly after the official release on 20 November.

Almost all still pictures feature either the wedding or the funeral.  We are looking forward to seeing more of Frankie Shea in the finished film.


3 comments on ““LEGEND” … Coming Soon

  1. Twosocks says:

    I’m afraid no luck here. No poster when we were in the theater Thursday night and can’t find it anywhere in upcomings. It is an AMC theater. Will keep checking but I’m glad I have the DVD preordered.


  2. Legend is on the Coming Attractions wall of my local Century Theatre. It will be released in the US on November 25th. I expect to see it shortly thereafter. Like Huntsman, this one will undoubtedly entice theatre owners who know the American public’s fascination with gangsters. They are a squeamish bunch and prefer what they consider low-risk screenings.


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