Time Travel … The RSAMD Years * … A Glimpse of the Future

It is 2005.  Colin Morgan is a 19 year old student at the RSAMD.  Viewing this we begin to understand that it holds promise of a bright future … a path, gently rippling forward, stretching out before this young thespian, one more step in achieving his dream.

Continuing in 2005 Another very early performance.


The play is Bite of the Night: An Education (Playscript). He was part of the First Youth, the Chorus. I have found the First Prologue to this play, which is full of meaning about the art of drama.  These are the last stanzas:

And again, she listened to everything
This time understanding different things
This time untroubled that some things  Could not be understood
Laughing rarely but now without shame
Sometimes suffering disgust  Sometimes thoroughly amazed
And in the light again said

This is art, it is hard work. And one friend said, too hard for me. And the other said, if you will, I will come again. Because I found it hard, I felt honoured(Howard Barker, from “The Bite of the Night”)

Between 2005 and 2006 he participated in three other productions mentioned in his CV.  God the Game Show as Stewart; Vassa, a Soviet Drama, as Semyon; and Last Supper as a young man in the Chorus.

2006 … His education with RSAMD continues in their student drama productions and goes on to include the following performances:


“Plasticine” … An extraordinary and disturbing play about post-Communist Russia by a young Siberian-born writer.  The first of Vassily Sigarev’s plays performed at London’s Royal Court was an unremittingly bleak evocation of Russian provincial life that opened with a harrowing suicide and concluded with a vicious male rape.  Apparently they do not shrink from exposing students to extremes at the Royal Conservatoire … this is Drama … this is the substance of Colin’s education.  His dual roles were Groom and Grandmother.

From Dark to Light, the next play is “The Tempest”.  His role:  Prince Ferdinand.


Followed by Brecht’s “The Caucasian Chalk Circle”.  Written in self-imposed exile towards the end of World War II, this a story within a play, in which a bard, or singer, interrupts a group of Caucasian farmers arguing over ownership of land that has been ravaged by Nazi tanks and entertains them with a relevant tale of yore.  Colin’s role is the Singer, Arkadi Tsheidse.

Caucasion Chalk Circle

And back to the Light as Marble Archie, Superhero, in “Jack and The Beanstalk”.


2007 is hovering in the background … graduation time, which holds an interesting story, known by some, perhaps not by all, and which we will publish in our next Time Travel post … Graduation Year.

(*archives 2/22/2015)


2 comments on “Time Travel … The RSAMD Years * … A Glimpse of the Future

  1. maycinq says:

    Love this! Thank you! Colin Morgan is real inspiration. He is a true role model!


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