Time Travel … Graduation*

It’s 2007 … Colin Morgan is in his final year at RSAMD.  He is pursuing his studies, pursuing improving his craft, looking to a future fast coming toward him.  What will it be like?  To be out of school and treading the boards to audition after audition?  It will be exciting, surely … and a little scary perhaps … but this is the first step out into the world he has been preparing for.


Along the way, there have been those watching … among them, Rufus Norris, Associate Director at the Young Vic from 2002 – 2007.   May 8, 2007 … Rufus Norris, along with many of his generation, was excited by the novel, Vernon God Little, and began preparing to bring it to a theatre audience.  Not one to wait for his destiny, but rather one who pursues it, and not due to graduate until July, Colin auditioned for the lead role of Vernon Little. When asked about the casting of the young undergraduate, Mr. Norris responded,

Good casting directors have their spies in many places. We did have to look pretty hard for that part and it took a long time. Colin was literally the last person we saw. There were two others who were alright but when Colin came in on the last day we knew we had our Vernon. 

Colin had to leave RSAMD three-quarters of the way through his final year to make this professional London West End theatre debut as the title character of Vernon God Little, a role for which he was critically acclaimed, and one that was also assessed for his final grade.

We will begin our look at Colin’s early stage work soon. However,

It is very special to note: … This is the  first time he will set his foot on the professional stage.  It is the well-known Young Vic Theatre in London, and he takes on the role which launches his professional career.

(*archives 2/23/2015)


4 comments on “Time Travel … Graduation*

  1. maycinq says:

    Thank you again for your articles on Colin Morgan’s youth, studies and debut. He is so inspiring and a magnificent example to follow. I’m deeply inspired by his talent, by his skills, by his hard works, by his willpower, by his dedication, by the choices of his projects, by his controlled career and by his so many qualities. I’m eargerly looking forward to what he has to offer as one of the most brilliant actors of his generation. Thank you for spending a lot of time writing those articles and sharing with us your infos, comments and beautiful writing on my favourite actor. You’re wonderful.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Your style of writing is very appealing. I like the rhythm of it. I’m so glad you are visiting and commenting here. Again, your compliment brings a smile. 🙂

      I noticed your spelling of ‘favourite’. Do you mind sharing what part of the world you are from? I was born and raised in the Western United States so our spellings are a bit different. The UK perhaps?
      Fondly, Suntse (aka ffm) 😉


      • maycinq says:

        Thank you for your answer and for the sweet compliment on my writing. Actually I’m French and learnt English at school. The spelling of the words I use is British English because my teacher was from UK. 😉


  2. Oh, my! J’etudie le francais depuis cinq ans. However, so many, many years ago, that’s almost all I remember. 😉


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