Yes! Americans need to take notice of Colin Morgan !!

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This article is short and easily read.  While we wholeheartedly agree with the Headline: “AMERICANS NEED TO TAKE NOTICE OF BRITISH (IRISH) ACTOR, COLIN MORGAN”, remember that Colin has deflected questions about Dr. Who, saying: “That box is ticked”.   Colin’s path since Merlin seems to concentrate on short-term series rather than a long-running one.  Given his incredible thirst for ‘what’s next”, he already fits more into a month than most can do in a year.  (I think someone recently mentioned 4 projects in 5 months!  Still trying to find that clip.)

This, however, is a statement that needs to be emphasized more often:

Why should Americans care? Colin Morgan is an example of the so-called “American Dream” we Americans constantly talk about. … Morgan worked incredibly hard all of his life to achieve his dreams and where he is now. … He is an example that anything is possible with the right amount of dedication and talent.

We are certain Colin’s path forward with interesting projects and incredible portrayals will continue to contribute to a steady rise upward.  His is a career built on solid foundation.  Americans who are interested in serious people who are serious about their passion;  Americans who are interested in amazing talent having nothing to do with Hollywood type ‘stardom’;  these Americans would find unlimited joy in watching Colin’s haunting and unforgettable characterizations.  Welcome to our world.


2 comments on “Yes! Americans need to take notice of Colin Morgan !!

  1. Twosocks says:

    This was a nice article. When I read it, I was also ‘no, don’t do Dr.Who.’ Nothing against the series, but I like what he’s doing now. None of us would want to have missed Merlin, but these shorter, more varied roles give us a chance to see so many different, interesting performances.


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