The Laughing King … An Apology

With no intention of violating the creators’ intellectual rights, we sincerely apologize for posting this entry at this time. We were unaware it was premature. We will happily wait until the film is released for public viewing, and are removing all links to the full video on our site.




A Letter from Kevin McCann

This morning, we and many other supporters of The Rising, received this encouraging letter from Kevin McCann. Selected Quotes follow, but first let us say that this in every way meets our expectations, and we believe this decision to be quite a wise one. Mr. McCann has our appreciation for his well-thought out process in advancing this film to its final conclusion.


Before an official announcement is made on social media, I would like to first update all of you, our kickstarter supporters and on behalf of our team, express our gratitude for your kindness and patience.

Having consulted with film industry peers, it is unanimously accepted that WHEN the film is released is less important than HOW the film is made.
A well-produced film with an all-star cast released in late 2016 or 2017 stands a better chance of achieving our goal than a lower budget film released in 2016. Our financiers are also enthused that ‘The Rising’ is now the only motion picture about the rebellion still in the works and backs this course of action. The market will hear all about the 1916 rebellion during the forthcoming centenary year.
Also, we are advised to wait until certain actors are attached in the roles of Tom Clarke (mentor to Seán) and Máirín Ryan (female lead) Once these are cast, our budget and scale of the film will be finalised.

All in all, this means that we must wait longer before we can begin production – likely towards the end of 2016. All the attached actors and production partners are supportive of this postponement and agree that it will make for a better movie in the end. The story of Seán MacDiarmada and the heroes of 1916 will be told in a great movie that we can enjoy for many years to come.

All good wishes

Kevin McCann


The Process: Meeting, Audition, Decision

December 5, 2014:   Colin meets Kevin  The Meeting

The news is that Kevin McCann, producer, met with Colin in London to discuss “The Rising”.  He is one of the actors being considered for the lead role of Sean MacDiarmada.  It would not be hard to imagine that this may be Colin’s next project.

The Audition:  Sometime between the Meeting and the Announcement, the audition(s) took place.  We do not know all the details, of course, but at the time of the Announcement, December 17th, 2014, this tape of Colin’s reading was published on YouTube.

(For the full impact of Colin’s Reading, we encourage you to view this full-screen)

The Decision:  December 17, 2014:  The Rising … Official Announcement   *It’s official* COLIN MORGAN will star as Rebellion Leader, Seán MacDiarmada.

Kevin McCann on casting Colin Morgan in the Lead Role of “The Rising”

We thought it would be timely to re-publish this (slightly edited) post from the archives.  We love Mr.McCann’s observation of Colin’s work after he had been introduced to the idea by fans of Colin.


The award-winning producer revealed he first considered US Transformers star Shia LaBeouf as the film’s hero Sean MacDiarmada, but he soon changed his mind after social media users backing the film’s Kickstarter campaign suggested Merlin star Colin Morgan for the huge part.

“We have a very good social media team and we were asking people, who do you think could play Sean Mac Diarmada? We posted it, and Colin Morgan came to the fore.

“So I said, OK, let’s have a look at this. I hadn’t watched Merlin and I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I watched a couple of episodes and you only have to watch about 10 seconds of Colin Morgan to know that there’s something going on there.  (emphasis mine!)  And then I met him.

“We spent hours and hours talking about McDermott and I couldn’t ask for a better actor.”

It’s really wonderful to see the effect Colin has on those who take the moments necessary to really watch his portrayals in any role he has taken on. Merlin was the beginning for many of us … which is why we will continue to “re-discover” it here on these pages. We are glad to welcome you, Kevin McCann, to our opinion … to our insight into the phenomenal ability, intelligence, and dedication that resides in Colin Morgan.

(archives January 2015)

We’re Goin’ !!!!!


Can we be more excited ??  NO, we cannot !!

Actors soon preparing to travel for January-February filming.  All the preparation, the funding drive, the casting, the location scouting, all the pieces now fitting together.  Our long-awaited McCann project is on it’s way.  And Thank You, Mr. McCann for your persistence and dedication!