Chilly, Foggy, and Cold

Even so, the work goes on … As we get ready to go off to work in a place that’s cozy and snug.  So send warming thoughts to our stars and crew for enduring the elements to bring this story to us to enjoy … later as we sit in a toasty theatre!

Thanks to The RR Mater for re-posting these great updates:

Nov 6  … So foggy on set of this week that you couldn’t see your own face…!
Nov 6 … The BBC are here again, scraping up the gravel to lay down the farmyard set for again. Shooting starts next week.
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7 comments on “Chilly, Foggy, and Cold

  1. Twosocks says:

    Very atmospheric! And I enjoyed scrolling down through the other tweets. Almost makes you consider joining Twitter. Glad others share these.


  2. Twosocks says:

    Thank you. Will keep it bookmarked!


  3. Or, once you’re in Twitter, in the search box, enter tags, like #ColinMorgan or #thelivingandthedead or any other than piques your interest. 🙂 You’ll get every Twitter post that has been tagged with your search parameter. It’s entertaining.


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