Parked … Interview at IFFMH *


A recent inquiry by Drew has led me back , again, to the timeless film, “Parked”.   We are re-posting this interview, and hope any newcomers will enjoy it along with us.

Colin:  what can one say?   Serious, intelligent, articulate, brilliant …


This interview is a big favorite of mine.  I have saved and watched it many, many times over the years since it was first published in November 2011.  It had been difficult to understand in some places, but now the wonderful Koushuidou Fansubgroup has published it again with English subtitles.  This interview is in 5 parts … every one of them well worth the time.  I predict you will watch it many times, learn a lot … and fall in love with Colin over and over again!

(Apparently YouTube has removed the ability to post this as a playlist, but the individual links still work, one at a time.  So, I have provided the links to all 5 parts and have embedded the 3rd one for this posting.  This 3rd part is the one where Colin speaks of his preparation for the role.)

International Film Festival, Mannheim, Germany, November 2011


One comment on “Parked … Interview at IFFMH *

  1. I do love this interview and have watched it a few times. He is marvelous, and a joy to listen to. He’s a naturally good speaker in situations like these.

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