We’re Goin’ !!!!!


Can we be more excited ??  NO, we cannot !!

Actors soon preparing to travel for January-February filming.  All the preparation, the funding drive, the casting, the location scouting, all the pieces now fitting together.  Our long-awaited McCann project is on it’s way.  And Thank You, Mr. McCann for your persistence and dedication!


5 comments on “We’re Goin’ !!!!!

  1. AwenFound says:

    No, we cannot be more excited. I am bursting with excitement and doing my little Snoopy dance, this morning.

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  2. Twosocks says:

    Our hopes all realized. Truly a day to celebrate!

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  3. aggy's says:

    Hi, I’m sorry but how do you know they have all the funds to start filming..I’m just asking because I was worried sick and and..so is it 100% now they start filming?


    • We have to accept Kevin McCann’s announcement. Do not worry. This project is going to happen. One doesn’t need ALL funds to take the next step, and if he needs more, I’m sure his efforts will continue while filming goes on. The more this project progresses, with the cast they have gathered, and the work they have done thus far, the more interested parties will be willing to join in. Look how far they have come to date. The commitments from major actors should assure us. If they have faith in it, we should certainly follow. 🙂

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