“Gleefully dark & twisted !”


Wrap party over … time for post-production, and lots of waiting.

David Oakes ‏@David_Oakes Dec 18  #TheLivingAndTheDead wrap party tonight; preview trailer was shown…  …looks gleefully dark & twisted! It’s a proper grower of a show!


According to Writer-creators Ashley Pharoah and Matthew Graham … “We want it to be moving, tender, sensual…and very, very scary.” 


Who is this man !?!!

Why are we so awed by his skill and talent? Are we certain of what we are seeing? Is there some sleight-of-hand going on?

He has taken each character who cautiously steps into his repertoire, and made of him something unique, something not quite like any other … something who resembles neither himself nor any other of his cast of personalities … these souls who trail behind him, happily destined to take their place in the growing wake that stretches out behind.

There is no sign of Merlin in Dragoon, nor Dragoon in Dolma, nor Dolma in Emrys. There is no sign of Calum in Cathal, nor Cathal in Ariel, nor Ariel in Skinny Luke.  No sign of Luke in Jimmy Minor, nor Jimmy in Victor, nor Victor in Tom, nor Tom in Jake.  And there is no hint of Frankie in Leo.

Does there remain any wonder why we wait so impatiently for his next creation; why we follow his footsteps so doggedly; why we elevate him higher and higher in our estimation of his gifts and his dedication to his art ???

merlin Dragoon

The Dolma  Emrys

Callum   Cathal

……                Ariel

Skinny Luke   Jimmy Miner Victor alone  DS Anderson.2

……       newscom photo     Frankie Shea

Leo frightened.1   Leo.Leader.2 (2)


……..  tumblr_nqcs8sleWG1qdr2mio6_r1_400 (2)         Nathan.1




Colin shares his thoughts on TLK

Humans and The Laughing King star, Colin Morgan, said:   Jake.TLK

“The instant I read The Laughing King I was magnetically and emotionally pulled into its immense beauty and tragic power, the journey of a man on the edge, a man who is perhaps on his final journey but ultimately finds hope and a reason to go on living. It reminded me of how difficult and precious life can be and I felt compelled to communicate Jake’s journey and to understand a man who finds himself in the place he does. Working closely with Lindy Heymann throughout was a hugely rewarding process, we came together by chance and everything about this project from everyone involved comes directly from the heart and I feel that’s reflected in every element of it. The end result is a film that takes a snapshot of a much bigger issue on a very human and personal level and I feel truly proud to have been a part of this special project.”

Directed by the award-winning Lindy Heymann, whose own story of personal loss to suicide led her to co-write the script, it was produced without financial assistance, with talent and crew dedicating their time in kind.


The Laughing King, Behind the Scenes

Thanks to mywhisperingmind for leading us to this special video.

Published on Dec 15, 2015

We wanted to capture some of the fun we had whilst making this special film. It took two very long and cold days to shoot, Colin and some crew went into the chilling sea waters.

Really like the music chosen for this, as well.

In the Spirit of Peace …

We have much to do over the next few weeks. This blog will be very quiet over that time, but you are not forgotten. There are a couple of articles whose research will occupy what time we can gather between holiday visits, gift buying, wrapping, meal preparation, and the myriad of tasks that invade us all at this time of year.

Our wishes for your warmth, and happiness, surrounded by friends, family, and loved ones. May sincere feelings of Peace for all Human-kind be the hallmark of these days. We can earnestly hope hate will abate in all parts of the world.  Let it begin within our own circles.  We can extinguish gossip and judgements for the next few weeks.  We can speak up against injustice whenever we hear it .  We can make things better.


Merlin (why I love it) *.

There are a lot of things about the series Merlin that I love.  I loved them then; I love them now.  Ideals of integrity, devotion, and friendship done against wonderful backgrounds of forests and castles … studies on relationships, parent/child, brother/sister, good vs evil, difficult choices … etc.   So much is hidden  in the anticipated story-line resolutions.

The cast of Merlin

All of these themes contribute to the maturing of our hero, who starts the story as a naive country boy newly arrived in the city; a city that is dangerous for anyone with his special abilities.  Through 5 seasons we watch this young actor display humor, sorrow, joy, anguish, loyalty and devastation.  Merlin does not acquire his maturity easily … he takes us on his journey filled with hope and arrives at the end with acceptance that not all things are within his power.

losing arthur.2.1

There are interesting philosophical questions presented to us. …  I love that Merlin is placed in so many moral dilemmas. I love that his magic does not come easily … that he has to practice … that he often doesn’t get it right the first time or two. I love that Gaius does not have unlimited knowledge … that he very often has to find an answer in one of his many books. I love that Merlin is given different advice by different people, both of whom he respects, and is left on his own trying to evaluate the “right” thing to do. I love that frequently the “right” thing leads to the opposite of the desired result. There is so much irony … so much that cannot be traced to only one good choice. (Like life …)  Did Merlin make the right decision?  Did he make the wrong decision?  Which decision would have led to the preferred outcome?  Does the preferred outcome end up being the best outcome?  Can we know that answer … even if we are writing the script ourselves?

There are so many of these kinds of questions raised. This is a story of the heart, and for that I am grateful. It is also a story ripe with ethical examinations … and Colin helps us understand these … helps us experience the anguish of heavy decisions that can affect all he holds dear. We are not standing aloof as an observer only, we suffer with him.


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