Colin shares his thoughts on TLK

Humans and The Laughing King star, Colin Morgan, said:   Jake.TLK

“The instant I read The Laughing King I was magnetically and emotionally pulled into its immense beauty and tragic power, the journey of a man on the edge, a man who is perhaps on his final journey but ultimately finds hope and a reason to go on living. It reminded me of how difficult and precious life can be and I felt compelled to communicate Jake’s journey and to understand a man who finds himself in the place he does. Working closely with Lindy Heymann throughout was a hugely rewarding process, we came together by chance and everything about this project from everyone involved comes directly from the heart and I feel that’s reflected in every element of it. The end result is a film that takes a snapshot of a much bigger issue on a very human and personal level and I feel truly proud to have been a part of this special project.”

Directed by the award-winning Lindy Heymann, whose own story of personal loss to suicide led her to co-write the script, it was produced without financial assistance, with talent and crew dedicating their time in kind.


One comment on “Colin shares his thoughts on TLK

  1. leahluna55 says:

    Lovely! well said, Colin always speaks from his heart and that’s what makes him so special.

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