Who is this man !?!!

Why are we so awed by his skill and talent? Are we certain of what we are seeing? Is there some sleight-of-hand going on?

He has taken each character who cautiously steps into his repertoire, and made of him something unique, something not quite like any other … something who resembles neither himself nor any other of his cast of personalities … these souls who trail behind him, happily destined to take their place in the growing wake that stretches out behind.

There is no sign of Merlin in Dragoon, nor Dragoon in Dolma, nor Dolma in Emrys. There is no sign of Calum in Cathal, nor Cathal in Ariel, nor Ariel in Skinny Luke.  No sign of Luke in Jimmy Minor, nor Jimmy in Victor, nor Victor in Tom, nor Tom in Jake.  And there is no hint of Frankie in Leo.

Does there remain any wonder why we wait so impatiently for his next creation; why we follow his footsteps so doggedly; why we elevate him higher and higher in our estimation of his gifts and his dedication to his art ???

merlin Dragoon

The Dolma  Emrys

Callum   Cathal

……                Ariel

Skinny Luke   Jimmy Miner Victor alone  DS Anderson.2

……       newscom photo     Frankie Shea

Leo frightened.1   Leo.Leader.2 (2)


……..  tumblr_nqcs8sleWG1qdr2mio6_r1_400 (2)         Nathan.1





2 comments on “Who is this man !?!!

  1. maycinq says:

    I totally agree with what you say in this article. Colin Morgan is truly amazing. He gives to each character he portrays its own life. He makes each one of his characters totally unique! He is the man who keeps making inspiration grow in me. Thank you!

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  2. ofoakleavesandstardust reblogged this from suntse and added:

    True, that is something I have noticed as well: his characters are like snowflakes; no two are alike. Granted some are similar, but in the same way meeting someone on the street can remind you of a loved one. For example, there are faint and fading glimmers of Ariel that remind me of Merlin. But only just. And I can’t put my finger on what exactly it is that reminds me of Merlin. It’s more of a feeling than an outward “oh, that’s something Merlin would do” kind of thing.

    That is a prime example of the diversity of his characters. Cathal and Ariel are like two different ends of the spectrum; they are polar opposites, I think. And yet-and yet-they are played by the same man…within about two years of each other. Possibly less; I can’t quite remember when he did the Tempest.

    I have come across many an acting chameleon before in my time as a fangirl. But Colin is special. Really. I appreciate that he doesn’t try to put any of himself into his characters. There are similarities between himself and Merlin, but that could’ve been the writers adding more of his personality to Merlin’s, as they did with a lot of the characters on the show, I do believe. Arthur and Bradley have similarities, as do Eoin and Gwaine.

    Anyway, hopeless fangirling over, now. Carry on.

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