“Gleefully dark & twisted !”


Wrap party over … time for post-production, and lots of waiting.

David Oakes ‏@David_Oakes Dec 18  #TheLivingAndTheDead wrap party tonight; preview trailer was shown…  …looks gleefully dark & twisted! It’s a proper grower of a show!


According to Writer-creators Ashley Pharoah and Matthew Graham … “We want it to be moving, tender, sensual…and very, very scary.” 


2 comments on ““Gleefully dark & twisted !”

  1. AwenFound says:

    Wish they had mentioned a date when it might be starting. Are those pictures from the show? I love the second one!


    • These are ones I selected. Nothing yet from the show except the David Oakes ones, on set and the fog.
      As mentioned … post production now … lots of work. Post Production is not a quick process, don’t expect it to finish in the next month or two. We won’t have a release date for awhile, probably Spring 2016. We have read that it is slated for Sunday nights on BBC One.

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