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A Hidden Gem …

No … not hidden to us!

Colin is a rather covert force to be reckoned with. 🙂 We might say, covert and powerful …

(His reviewers and fans have known it all along!)   😉

(Daily Mail . week-end section, 30 Jan 2016)

Calum … A Storyteller in the Ancient Sense (a Bard)

Table Rock

Calum’s voice stirs latent memories.  Timbre and cadence and phrasing bring stories to life. He was born a storyteller, a troubadour as in the ancient oral traditions of the Celts.  Imprints of words, made vibrant, linger on the air.


Colin’s portrayal of this damaged boy was exquisite.

(Colin as Calum, Island 2011)

Remembering Ariel



Where the bee sucks,  There suck I.  In a cowslip’s bell I lie
There I couch when owls do cry;   On a bat’s back I do fly.

After summer merrily …
Merrily, merrily, shall I live now
Under the blossom that hangs on the bough …


The Tempest … (dvd) …  Beautifully done. One can see how exciting it must have been to be a “groundling” at The Globe.  The music is delightful, and somber, and sweet … backing up the scenes wonderfully. It is colorful and exuberant.  All the actors are excellent. Roger Allam is a tour-de-force as Prospero.

There is a gift for us ! Colin has a solo during the last act. His voice is sweet. The song is poignant and melancholy. It is quite short … but so worth watching again and again.

And, where Ariel is coming from?  He can be sitting silent, or swinging, or running up the stairs. His entrance is as flying in from above … though we cannot see from where. Those who have seen the play at The Globe and have now also seen the dvd … have very good things to say.  Being at the Globe for this performance would have been the best of all possible worlds.


With the dvd, however, we can savor these moments over and over again. There is a particular moment in the last act, at the end of Ariel’s song, where it seemed to me that Ariel movingly displayed that brief moment of looking forward to his freedom while understanding that this would mean separation from Prospero. It was an almost imperceptible change to that malleable face which reveals more than words, lasted only an instant, and spoke again to the talent we witness.

(photo credit: shakespeare.globe)  (gif via King and Lionheart)


Colin Morgan … NTA 2016

Colin 2016 NTA's.2.

The man glows ! He has flawless skin, his hair is lustrous, there is a clarity in his eyes. He is the picture of health and inner beauty. Then there is the kindness, thoughtfulness to others, humility, and wonderful sense of humor … sometimes we do wonder if he can be real or a figment of our best imagination.

( Photo Getty Images )