why Colin



His light shines for so many reasons. His intelligence is paramount. His dedication and perseverance. His humility, indeed his reticence to be in the spotlight except when it has to do with the role he is performing … and that he does for his producers and cast-mates, not for himself. His obvious JOY in creating, grooming, and polishing the role … making it his own. There are so many attributes, genuine and honest … from the first there has never been a superficial remark or gesture. With Colin, it is all authentic and true, sincere and open.


4 comments on “why Colin

  1. maycinq says:

    Magnificent article on a magnificent actor and man. Thank you.

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  2. AwenFound says:

    Lovely! One of my favorites is his sense of humor.

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  3. A man truly worthy of our admiration and respect.


  4. sevilla fc says:

    This is one awesome blog.Thanks Again.


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