Jake … without hope

Jake.2 Jake.1
Incredible how he can elicit such heart-breaking emotion from his audience with just the look of confusion and pain in his face. ❤
We are adding here an excerpt from a 2012 review by Dohaon, London, UK.  This review struck me as being a particularly insightful look at Colin Morgan’s exceptional artistic talent.  Dohaon’s words have long stayed with me, and this latest offering by Colin has given rise to the need to share these words with those of you who have not yet read this review, which can be found in its entirety on Amazon, both US and UK sites, associated with the poignant film, “Parked”.    4.0 out of 5 stars There’s something about Colin Morgan, on 14 April 2012.

There’s something about Colin Morgan – he looks into the soul of his character, the story he is a part of, and gives you a piece of artistry that makes you think THIS. THIS is what acting is all about. He has an instinct for seeing what a person is made of, and the curiosity and knack for asking the right questions – and in addition to all that, the wisdom to know not every question has an easily-told answer. These are some of the things that make him different – I’d say that those qualities are what make him the actor that he is, rather than the reverse.
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5 comments on “Jake … without hope

  1. maycinq says:

    Colin’s eyes as Jake are so full of sadness indeed. It is heartbreaking.

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  2. Suntse, it was that Amazon review, when I found and read it 10 months ago, that voiced what I couldn’t at the time about this wonderful man’s incredible talent – in Parked, and everything else he does. He becomes his characters and has the ability to channel every emotion that character is feeling directly to his audience. It’s quite amazing, this gift he has.

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    • Jen, I remember your comment about the Doha review, about which I heartily agree, both then and now. I especially liked Doha’s allusion to “layers within layers, wheels within wheels”. ❤

      Having read that review and commented (on Amazon in January 2013), your reprise brought it back sharp and clear. This review started a correspondence between myself and another woman which lasted over a year … sharing many thoughts about Colin's amazing effect upon us.
      I'm thinking now, thanks to your recollection … perhaps it would be fun to share both the entire review and the discussion we had back then. Her "Handle" at that time was "maldru".

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    • The original link I used was Amazon UK, so I went to the US site and found your conversation. So many shared feelings. 🙂

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      • You have inspired me to revisit this. Spent the morning trying to find a way to make it a post, so we can keep it on the blog, comments and all. In all humility, I think the comments are okay to add. I did it mostly because of Doha’s response to the conversation. Let me know what you think. ❤

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