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” I have interviewed many icons in my career as a journalist; but Colin Morgan is special. I admire and relate to his struggles to become an actor in Northern Ireland. Colin is very thoughtful, intelligent, has lovely manners ( well done Colin’s mum) and is interested in things that are worth caring about such as the natural world and the food that we eat. I think he is a great role model. I can also tell you that he isn’t interested in celebrity. He loves his job and the craft of acting. It’s as simple as that ”

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“Turn” & AMC

April of 2014 there came an AMC offering completely pleasing, interesting, well-done, with a hint of history that presents both admirable and less than admirable characters from both sides.  It’s the American Revolution.  And, the Red-Coats are not all unlikeable, nor are the Rebels all heroes.


Done, much as Merlin was done, with Cinema quality cinematography, editing, and beautiful presentation, it is a pleasure to watch.  The small details of the conflict have us harkening back, looking up trivia, and getting interested again in this event that led to the creation of a new nation on the world stage.

Seasons 1 and 2 were interesting and involving … so easy to root for the Rebels, and find preferences among the Redcoats.  We have high expectations for Season 3.

To revisit and review some of the series’ major characters:  select “Turn: Washington’s Spies” from the Topics listing on the Sidebar.

Turn: Washington’s Spies … Season 3


Turn: Washington’s Spies season 3 will premiere on April 25th at 10 pm.

Highly anticipated return to this dramatic presentation by AMC.  Absolute accuracy, perhaps not, but an entertaining and intriguing look at the roles of Abraham Woodhull vs Benedict Arnold in historic attempts to divorce The Colonies from British Rule.

Remembering Gwaine

Merlin really does need a buddy now that Lancelot is off pursuing his goal of becoming a “loyal knight of Camelot”. Traveling with Arthur is borne with good humor and an occasional jibe. The first meeting with Gwaine points to adventure ahead, as this man tends to invite trouble along the way.



Being a bit of a rascal, still Gwaine has a good and generous heart. He’s just not one to live quietly, but he is a great friend and he and Merlin develop a fondness for each other. Gwaine undoubtedly challenges Merlin’s serious side.

During this episode, Gwaine saves Arthur from harm, not once, but twice. The second time being in the Melee. Uther’s unreasonable treatment of Gwaine causes Arthur to challenge his father … and so Gwaine’s ability to upset the status quo leaves its mark on Arthur. That same questioning of the ‘status’ or caste system becomes evident again when Gwaine attempts to charm Guinevere.

Gwaine.3 Gwaine.4

Certainly, Merlin takes the opportunity to drive the point home with Arthur.


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