“Turn” & AMC

April of 2014 there came an AMC offering completely pleasing, interesting, well-done, with a hint of history that presents both admirable and less than admirable characters from both sides.  It’s the American Revolution.  And, the Red-Coats are not all unlikeable, nor are the Rebels all heroes.


Done, much as Merlin was done, with Cinema quality cinematography, editing, and beautiful presentation, it is a pleasure to watch.  The small details of the conflict have us harkening back, looking up trivia, and getting interested again in this event that led to the creation of a new nation on the world stage.

Seasons 1 and 2 were interesting and involving … so easy to root for the Rebels, and find preferences among the Redcoats.  We have high expectations for Season 3.

To revisit and review some of the series’ major characters:  select “Turn: Washington’s Spies” from the Topics listing on the Sidebar.


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