Grantchester, Series 2, coming soon

New episodes are scheduled to premiere on ITV on March 27, 2016.

LOVELY DAY PRODUCTIONS GRANTCHESTER EPISODE 1 Picture shows: JAMES NORTON as Sidney Chambers and ROBSON GREEN as Geordie Keating. © ITV All images are Copyright ITV and may only be used in relation to GRANTCHESTER. For more info please contact Pat Smith at or 0207157 3044

Among the  UK ITV offerings, Grantchester is a favorite.  We very much enjoyed the first season and look forward to the second.  The series is based on The Grantchester Mysteries books written by James Runcie. Grantchester was created by Daisy Coulam (EastEnders, Casualty) and executive produced by Diederick Santer (Jane Eyre, EastEnders).

The storyline of Grantchester is set in a 1950s Cambridgeshire village of Grantchester near Cambridge. The series follows local Anglican vicar Sidney Chambers (portrayed by James Norton; Happy Valley, Mr. Turner) and Detective Inspector Geordie Keating (portrayed by Robson Green; Strike Back, Mount Pleasant) as they as they investigate wrongdoing in their small community.

We found Grantchester last year on our Smart TV (PBS app).  The first season had aired in the UK in October-November 2014.  We may have to find other ways to view it this time, rather than wait for the usual delay imposed on American fans.

(photo:© ITV)


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