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Great Story … made me smile :-)

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So, I accidentally sent a reference picture for Art class to the wrong printer. At the time, I thought nothing of it and simply reprinted it. Low and behold, I come into English class the next day and see this.
Apparently, my teacher was having his students do busy work and, when this started printing, out of sheer boredom and silliness, he decided to GLUE IT TO THE WALL.
He calls him the distinguished gentleman and his students all have to touch his image each time they pass through the door.
So now there’s a photo of Colin Morgan, not taped, not tacked, but GLUED to the wall and respected by all of the AP English students.

Humans. Amazon Prime

Humans cast photo

Our favorite Synth-Cyborg group is coming to Amazon Prime.  First season streaming in May.  Have you figured out how and when Niska got the second flash drive?  This is your chance to watch again, and solve the mystery.  Excerpts from article follow:

Cathy Payne, Chief Executive of Endemol Shine International commented, “We are ecstatic that Humans has had such a wonderful response from the audience to-date. It is a brilliant production with a superb cast and we look forward to working with Amazon in the US to take it to an even wider audience”.

“Humans was one of this summer’s top new series and is exactly the type of smart, thought-provoking shows that Prime members love,” said Brad Beale, Vice President of Digital Video Content Acquisition for Amazon. “We are excited that Prime members will soon be able to experience the sci-fi drama at no additional charge.”

Filming for Season/Series 2 is underway now.


(photo credit: AMC studios)

Good Omens … Good News !!

We will be watching for more news about this project.  It would be wonderful if Colin is in the cast.  He may be too ‘grown up’ now to play Newton Pulsifer, but … We will settle for anything at all.  It would be great fun for him to join with Neil Gaiman again.   🙂   A tribute to Terry Pratchett.   🙂

“Austere yet Powerful”

We thank Isa-belle Alexis for creating this lovely piece and sharing it with us.  Isa-belle Alexis ‏@Bellal_ColMpics Apr 12

A quote from “The Laughing King” review #ColinMorgan #TheLaughingKing #ColinMpics #ShortFilm http://www.unsungfilms.com/22834/the-laughing-king

Colin.TLK review

He touches our hearts, without words.  He always has.  He always will.

The Living and the Dead … Air Dates

The Living And The Dead will air on BBC1 in June and BBC America in October.

The first episode of will be held at the BFI @britishfilminstitute on 14th June 2016.

This from Colin’s latest interview :  New photoshoot and interview with for , about .

Nathan.hat Nathan.Charlotte  .

When you’re on set, how important is what you’re wearing?
‘Costume is vitally important for character – I can do as much preparation work as I need but sometimes it’s only when I put on a costume that it really all comes together. It’s about how the actual clothes feel to wear in contrast to what I’m used to wearing every day, it helps with the internal as well as the external.’ 

Here it is at last … A beautifully serious heart throbbing moment. ❤ ❤ ❤