British Television Drama Taking Over the World?

And to this, We say Amen!! British and UK dramas are our most valued respite from zombies, car chases, and gratuitous violence. We are ever grateful to those productions which give us thoughtful television fare that many times reaches into the extraordinary.

This NEWSWEEK article is spot on.  Just a quick look at article content follows:

Take a look at this year’s nominees for Best Drama at the BAFTA TV Awards on May 8, and you’ll find that most of the shows nominated are not only hits in the U.K., but internationally, too. BBC’s Wolf Hall and Channel 4’s Humans both have found sizeable U.S. audiences (in the case of Humans, it’s even co-produced by an American network) and proudly wave the flag for old Blighty.


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The list goes on … but you will find many mentioned in this article that are well worth checking out.  Not all ‘happy’ viewing, as Happy Valley might imply by its title.  This series follows the impact of a psychopath on the family of a police officer and is intense and disturbing in the questions it raises.

Isn’t it amazing, and only one of many examples, to watch James Norton portray this really frightening psychopathic personality vs-a-vis his lovable, though troubled, Vicar in Grantchester?   UK actors have a very broad range.


10 comments on “British Television Drama Taking Over the World?

  1. Good article.

    It was interesting to read the explanation why UK series are typically 6 or 8 episodes. That made absolute sense. Perhaps down the road, with more partnership backing, they will be able to make more episodes per season. However, it’s nice that they put that kind of backing into the quality first, rather than the quantity.

    I should check out Happy Valley. It’s on my Netflix.

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  2. Twosocks says:

    Thanks for the link Suntse. Not here much, but I’m always glad for a new post. James Norton as a psychopath? I love him in Grantchester. Best part of BBC–really talented actors.


  3. There’s another small series I just found out about, Suntse, that you might find interesting. “Rebellion”

    Ruth Bradley is in it, as well as other actors you may be familiar with. Takes place during The Rising…from another perspective. I actually started watching it this afternoon with the intention of just seeing what it was like, but had to force myself to turn it off as I have to actually do something besides watch tv. It has started out good, though. 🙂

    Anyway, It’s being aired on your Sundance tv on April 24th, but it’s on my Netflix now.


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