Colin comments on his role as Nathan

Is this a glimpse of Nathan’s back-story?Nathan.1

“For Morgan, filling the shoes of a character who had lived through two marriages, raised a child and whose family is in peril was transformative.”

“The enormous responsibility and protectiveness a man has to feel towards his family when they are threatened was a revelation to me”   “I have now experienced manhood.”  (Colin Morgan)



3 comments on “Colin comments on his role as Nathan

  1. We have long been of the opinion that if the role does not make Colin think more deeply or from another perspective, he will not pursue it.

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  2. Hi Leah … so glad to see you check in. You have been very busy with your Choir, Easter events, and family. Wanted you to know, I deleted this post from the tumblr site. It will remain here where the comments will be respectful. Love always, Suntse

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  3. […] A man living through so much loss and grief.  Wife, child, mother, gone … under what circumstances, we do not yet know.   This balanced against his new found joy and love, and the forces that now threaten that existence.  With the kind of study and attention Colin has undoubtedly given to Nathan, he surely has found a way to understand such trials and what they do to a man.  As he did with Cathal and Calum, he will bring us there.  (x) […]


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