The Living and the Dead … Air Dates

The Living And The Dead will air on BBC1 in June and BBC America in October.

The first episode of will be held at the BFI @britishfilminstitute on 14th June 2016.

This from Colin’s latest interview :  New photoshoot and interview with for , about .

Nathan.hat Nathan.Charlotte  .

When you’re on set, how important is what you’re wearing?
‘Costume is vitally important for character – I can do as much preparation work as I need but sometimes it’s only when I put on a costume that it really all comes together. It’s about how the actual clothes feel to wear in contrast to what I’m used to wearing every day, it helps with the internal as well as the external.’ 

Here it is at last … A beautifully serious heart throbbing moment. ❤ ❤ ❤




3 comments on “The Living and the Dead … Air Dates

  1. AwenFound says:

    So glad we are starting to see more on TLATD. Between this new role and hints that this is going to be a very scary series, I think we are in for a fun and exciting roller coaster ride. I can’t wait. Next up…a trailer….soon I hope.


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